4 Disadvantages of a Paper-Based Business

Just because you have always used a process, this does not mean that you should keep doing it. Many companies waste an awful lot of time and money controlling and managing paper-based documents. You may not even know how much time could be saved through the introduction of an app based data entry form system. Not only will this speed up data capture and order processing, but you will also eliminate a great deal of errors too.

1. Locating documents

With a paper-based filing system, it can be a long process to find a customers records if they have not been accessed in some time. Even if it only takes a couple of hours to find the records that you are looking for, that is time that you cannot get back. If you or members of your team are tied up with the process of finding documents then that means that you are not able to focus on other aspects of the business.

By implementing a mobile form system, you will be able to access all of a clients information and records within a few taps of a screen. This is not only convenient for you, but it is also much more customer friendly as you will be able to give them real-time updates on anything that they ask about.

2. Access to information

If you have teams out on the road then you may find that you are not able to get them the information that they need or have to explain it over the phone. With electronic forms, you are able to instantly access a customer or client’s information instantly at any time. This allows you to speed up a lot of the information gathering and processing of information and work instructions to your team.

This can save a huge amount of time compared to paper-based processes that need to be manually entered after the mobile team has returned to the office. So, a process that would normally take a whole 24 hours at best now takes just one click or tap on a screen.

3. Lost, inaccurate, or incomplete information

Paper-based processes are very susceptible to human error. Missing a section of the form that is required for an order can cause delay and also frustration for the customer. Another aspect of this that you will need to look out for is that mistakes can easily happen when you rely on paper-based documents. Even the very best process can lead to some errors that allow for incomplete forms or inaccurate information. This can lead to mistakes in work orders that can be costly.

If a form is lost then the data can be hard to recover. This can also damage your relationship with the client as it shows that you are not a professional operation. With electronic forms, it is possible to set them up in such a way that they can only be submitted when every required field is complete and in the correct format. Not only that, the information that is gathered is automatically saved to the cloud so there is no way that it can be lost by human error.

4. Time for an audit

If you need to quickly look at your business as a whole, having all of your client information easily available through the cloud can be a great way to do this. You can use this data in some really intricate ways to monitor trends and optimize anything from shipping methods to delivery routes. Having all of this readily available can do wonders for you in the long and short term.