4 Industrial Uses of Leak Detection Equipment

Have you ever received a damaged box in the mail complete with a broken plastic seal and worn down plastic seams? It must not have been a particularly enjoyable experience – especially not if the product inside that you ordered was thoroughly damaged as well by water leaking into it. This issue could have been avoided using leak detection equipment.

Leak detection equipment is a large acrylic box-like device standing on a steel frame that runs a seal integrity testing system to assess the strength of seams, seals and closure devices on various products within its acrylic chamber. If it detects any damage or pressure weakness, a number indicating a problem will appear on the gauge. This may seem like a very specifically used piece of industrial equipment that your business may not need any time soon, but that is where you are wrong. Many businesses could save a significant amount of costs in product maintenance using this device.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs leak detection equipment:

1. It helps maintain the products that you transfer

If you run a business that needs to send products to clients as soon as possible, then it is important that your product safely gets to the customer without any risk of damage to it. That is where the leak detection equipment comes in. Whether your product is safely surrounded in bubble wrap or has a tight plastic seal to keep air out, it can never be too safe. Leak detection equipment can find any weak point in your product package and ensure that no leaks get in and compromise the product.

2. It can present a biological hazard if it is overlooked

If your business specializes in shipping food, medicines, or other biological products, then it is even more essential to ensure that there is no risk of leaking. If the packaging is compromised even a small amount, then a biological package can run the risk of spoiling while it is being transferred.

3. It can test breakages and wear in your equipment

Perhaps your company does not export products that require airtight protection from the outside elements, though it often works with equipment that needs to be completely contained, then you should invest in leak detection equipment. Self-contained equipment or pressurized apparatuses need to be tested for leaks regularly.

4. It can be a necessary part of certain tests

Finally, leak detection equipment is a necessary part of specific types of tests, such as vacuum package tests, emission tests, dry chamber tests, and altitude simulation tests. These types of tests require specialized equipment to ensure that every tool involved is operating at peak performance.