5 Advice When You Rent a Mascot Costume

Renting a mascot costume is easy enough, and you can surely find help regarding any questions that you may have regarding that process online. Even wearing a mascot costume isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, as it is just a more advanced suit, really. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind whenever you slip into your mascot, whether you rented it or own it personally.

Luckily, the words below will present you with five important things every mascot costume wearer should remember.

1. Silence is Golden

Have you ever heard a costumed mascot speak? Often times, it doesn’t sound so great, as the wearer is muffled, and more than likely does not have a voice that matches the overall personality of the character.

Of course, there are some costumes that are designed to let the actor speak from within, but those are special cases and you are unlikely to come into contact with one unless otherwise specified. The important thing to remember here is to let your body language speak for you, rather than risking a loss of captivation by using your standard speaking voice.

2. Consider Energy Preservation

Mascot costumes can be heavy, as well as hot and exceedingly cumbersome. The act of moving within one can easily exert a great amount of energy, leaving the wearer feeling exhausted far too quickly. Most events that require a mascot costume will go on for quite a while, so use your energy sparingly!

Pick and choose your times to act out carefully, and try not to overdo it too quickly. Being a mascot can be something of a marathon, so don’t crush yourself at the beginning of the event, leaving you miserable or simply unable to perform all the way until the end.

3. Behaviour Matters

Anonymity can be a pretty dangerous thing. Once a person gets behind a mask, they can do some pretty interesting things with their newly found confidence, and it’s important to not let that feeling get to you. Be on good behaviour at all times, and refrain from doing anything controversial or potentially inappropriate.

After all, this should probably go double for a mascot, as they will be drawing loads of attention to themselves. Nothing you do will go unnoticed in most cases.

4. Care for the Costume

A mascot costume, no matter how well built or how high of quality it is, will still be vulnerable to damage. As the costumes are not the cheapest things in the world, any damage dealt to a rental mascot will be left in the hands of the renter. This means you should be mindful of what you do in the costume.

Avoid any activities that may cause harm to the mascot, and always listen to the rules and advice given to you by your rental service. Otherwise you may be left with a nasty little fee on your return of the costume.

5. Store with Care

Continuing the theme of care from the previous entry, storing the costume mascot until you can return it may be a bit of a challenge. As was said before, always listen to the rules and instructions given to you upon rental. Also, you should store the costume in an area that is both dry and clean.

Always keep the components of the costume together in order to avoid losing a vital part of the costume. After all, no rental service wants their costume mascot returned with only one glove and neither pieces of the footwear.