5 Benefits of Trash Compactor for Companies

Some companies have taken to installing trash compactors and recycling balers to help them with their trash and recycling management needs. For companies producing a large amount of waste and recycling, it is truly a necessity for a number of reasons, however even smaller companies can make good use of compaction equipment. Companies who haven’t yet invested in a trash compactor may have questions about doing so – primarily, is it worth it?

Here are five benefits of trash compactor for companies:

1. Cost efficient

Companies usually pay for someone to relocate their trash and recycling waste. While some companies may pay for the weight of the trash being transported, which would not necessarily be affected by compaction, many companies pay for the quantity or number of loads that are transported.

If this is the case, investing in a trash compactor is a cost-efficient move for a company to make, as the return on investment could be significant. Trash compactors reduce the volume of trash by 10 to 20 times. Combine this significant volume reduction with the low cost of maintaining a trash compactor and the total ultimately puts money in the company’s pocket.

2. Reduce pest problems

Because trash compactors are sealed containers, they provide fewer opportunities for pests – like bugs and rodents – to access and create homes in the trash. As well, the trash is compacted into a solid piece of waste, so it doesn’t leave much space for animals to crawl around in.

Pest problems can be incredibly difficult to manage. Once they are in, they tend to like to stay. So it is crucial that companies take steps to avoid rodents, insects, and other pests from settling in in the first place. Trash compactors do this effectively.

3. Improve company image

As a result of its being a sealed receptacle, trash compactors effectively contain odours, unlike other forms of trash management. As well, compacting the trash eliminates the chances of the garbage overflowing from the receptacle, as often happens without a compactor.

These two features offered by trash compactors create one effect: a better image. Companies need to maintain a positive image with the public to ensure they continue to get business. If people see garbage overflowing from the receptacle at the back of the building, or if the area around the business smells, it isn’t going to create an appealing or welcoming environment for customers. Trash compactors eliminate the possibility of this occurring.

4. Save time

Trash compactors make trash management much more efficient and convenient. This saves employees time when dealing with trash, allowing them to focus on other tasks. For the most part, trash compactors are installed directly into the building. This means employees no longer have to venture outside to take care of the garbage.

All they have to do is dump the garbage into the compactor and turn it on. This provides an optimized process for trash management, ideal for companies looking to better manage employee time.

5. Align values

Most companies today are aware of their need to align processes with a more environmentally-friendly model. Customers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact companies are having on the environment and will readily abandon a company who does not align with their values.

Trash compactors can help the environment in a variety of ways. First, they can help reduce the number of trash bags used to manage garbage within a company. In addition, the fewer trips used to transport the trash away from the company, the fewer emissions that are created from vehicles doing the transporting. Finally, the reduced trash saves space in landfills and keeps it compact so trash doesn’t break away, littering the earth.