5 Job Perks of Working as a Dental Hygienist

If your profession lies in the dental field, you already know the benefits of being in the field. If you are thinking of a career, read till the end to find out why you are on the right track already. As opposed to what is commonly believed, there are actually quite a few different career choices available for someone looking for a career in the dental field.

Taking about career options, one route that a lot of people are considering now is to become a dental hygienist. The career route comes with almost all the benefits that go along with the career of a dentist. There are a lot of misconception or lack of information when it comes to what a dental hygienist actually does. But once you learn a little more about the profession and the benefits, you will find it hard to not consider it as a career option seriously. Below, we tell you some of the reasons why a career as a dental hygienist can be the answer to all your professional goals.

1. Job Security

When it comes to making career choices, one aspect that can tilt the scales in favour of one profession over the other is the unemployment rates. The unemployment rate is a strong and accurate indicator of how easy or difficult it is to find a job in the said profession. A lower rate would also mean that people who do find a job in the said sector do not lose their jobs easily; implying high job security. When it comes to dental hygienists, the profession has regularly had one of the lowest unemployment rates across all industries and job profiles. Thus, a job as a dental hygienist would mean an easy pathway to finding a job and no stress in terms of losing the job.

2. High Salary

A big part of our jobs is the salary we make because the money is required for the safety and security of our future and the futures of our loved ones. Thus, it becomes vital to find a job in an industry that pays enough for you to not worry about meeting ends meet. When it comes to the salary of a dental hygienist, the salary is higher than the average salary of many other more popular job profiles. While we don’t work only to earn money, it does not hurt to be in a job that pays enough for you to enjoy some of the luxuries of life from time to time.

3. Flexible Hours

For most of us, the choice is always between focusing on our careers and finding time to spend with the family. In some cases, people have a lot of other commitments, beside work, to honour. For them, most of the professions make it difficult to balance work and outside work priorities because of the rigid working hours. If you are a dental hygienist, you have the liberty of working fulltime or part-time, depending on your scheduling needs. There aren’t many professions out there that often this level of flexibility.

4. Self Employed

Some people find comfort in a work environment where everything does not depend on them, whereas some are born with the entrepreneurial bone. If you have a career as a dental hygienist, you can enjoy the benefits of choosing your career path without causing any harm to your career prospects. Don’t be surprised if you meet a lot of dental hygienist who are their own bosses.

5. Exciting Work

Contrary to popular belief, a dental hygienist does a lot more than cleaning teeth. They also often handle emergency cases, where they have to make quick decisions. Basically, the job is not as monotonous as it sounds and involves a lot of different tasks to be execute on different days.

Convinced about making a career as a dental hygienist. If you had started your education earlier but couldn’t finish it, now is a great time to continue your dental hygiene education.