5 Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips

The Canadian real estate market continues to perform well, but it is the hot markets, like Toronto and Vancouver, that continue to post incredible numbers. With the supply outpacing the demand, and interest rates still remaining historically low, it’s creating housing conditions where everyone is trying to jump into the market before it’s too late.

Isn’t it already, though? That’s a philosophical discussion for another day.

Because of the present-day trends, the real estate market is intensely competitive. However, since prices have a tendency of going up and down depending on the interest rates and the mortgage approval process, the key to obtaining good clients is through effective marketing.

Here are five ways to boost your real estate marketing:

1. Focus on High-Quality Images

Real estate agents tend to have very tight schedules. Every realtor knows that closing each deal takes a lot of time and most agents generally work on multiple deals simultaneously.

Due to shortage of time, sometimes real estate agents do a rush job with property images and end up overlooking the quality of those photos. That is ironic since these days, everybody has a smartphone in their hand and the quality of the camera with the phone is usually quite good. All it requires is a little bit of effort.

If you want to boost your real estate marketing, then focus on the images:

  • Capture the primary features of the property from different angles using natural light.
  • Check them before uploading them on your website.
  • Edit them if necessary.
  • Make sure none of the images are blurry or grainy; this is one of the fastest ways to lose a prospective client.

Property buyers like pictures; always keep that in mind.

2. Content is King

Real estate agents sometimes lose focus and send too many junk emails to their prospective clients. This might seem tempting, especially if you have a successful real estate e-newsletter subscription total, but you need to remain focused and only send material which is relevant.

There is no point in sending a list to all your clients about the homes you have sold. They’re not interested in what you sold to someone else; they want to know if you can find the right property for them. That is why their area of interest is on what you have for sale, the location and the price. These three facts are a magnet for attracting potential buyers.

So, just make sure that whatever content you share with clients, it is short and sweet and relevant.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Today, every business needs to understand the importance of social media as a form of marketing. If you want boost your real estate marketing, then make sure you are visible on all major social media platforms. How?

  • Have a page, account and profile.
  • Be active and regularly post images and relevant content to engage with your target market.
  • Make sure you reply to any customer comments or queries as soon as possible.
  • Post information about the properties you have on your list as well as other important information for potential clients like mortgages and house inspections.
  • Always use a positive tone and try to connect with your audience.

4. Ask for Referrals

For some unknown reason, real estate agents rarely ask their clients for referrals.

This is one of the best ways to become successful in any business. Moving forward, create a strategy where you can get referrals from your clients. It might take some time but it’s worth it in the long-run.

Most people like to read testimonials and referrals from other people just to get some kind of assurance that the person they are about to select as their real estate agent is good. Therefore, it is always a good idea to be in close contact with all your past clients and remind them regularly that you are there to serve them and that their referrals would be much appreciated.

5. Follow up with Everyone

This is very important. You should follow-up with all your clients. Most home buyers appreciate this. It helps create a bond and eventually, this often results in other referrals. Also, happy customers are always a good thing to have on your portfolio.