5 Red Flags You Have a Bad Painting Contractor

If you are considering hiring a painting company, it’s because you want someone who can do a professional job, not a quack. Looking around, there is no shortage of examples of painting jobs shoddily done, and you don’t want to add to the inglorious statistics.

So, how does one avoid hiring quack painters? Below are a number of red flags you should not ignore as you search for the right painting company.

1. Appearance Matters

If you notice a painting company does not make any effort to impress or to appear professional, this could be a sign of problems down the road. If you also notice the workers are unkempt, moving around in dirty uniforms that look like they were last washed ages ago, again this could be an indication of a company that does not adhere to strict professional standards. While you should not judge a book by its cover, if that cover is dirty, its contents are likely to follow suit.

If the workers from the painting company arrived in an old-beaten truck without any visible company logo on it, or are using improvised tools joined by duct tape, chances are you are going to be the recipient of a substandard workmanship.

2. Terrible Customer Service

A professional company pays keen attention to good customer service. If a painting company has bad customer service, you can bet they are ‘bad’ in many other ways, including their workmanship. A professional customer service should make you feel like royalty, that you made a good choice to sign them on. If on the other hand they always make you feel like you are bothering them every time you want some clarification on pertinent matters, this is a huge red flag; you have yourself a raw deal.

The painting company should be available to discuss the details of your project. If they rarely return your calls, and when they do they have an attitude, keep away from them. They are not doing you a favour by providing a professional service that you are supposed to pay for. You deserve a superb customer service.

3. Poor Services

An experienced company should have multi-skilled, versatile painters. If you notice the workers are one-dimensional, this does not augur well for their ability to provide a professional service. A stellar painting company with a reputable experience of providing quality services has in their retinue a team of versatile staff who can be trusted to deliver a quality service.

If after watching the company at work you have doubt as to their ability to provide a professional service, trust your guts and avoid them. A professional painting company is evidenced by the versatility and professionalism of its workers.

4. Fluctuating Rates

Once a painting company has given you a quote after evaluating the task, you don’t expect them to change the quote later on, unless you request for additional services. Avoid a contractor who keeps changing the agreed rates for no apparent reason. This is downright unprofessional. Most rogue companies apply the bait-and-switch method to lock in customers into unreasonable contractual obligations.

It is important that you always scrutinize the fine print before signing the contract. You don’t want to be contractually bound to a rogue painting company whose main interest is to rip you off.

5. Too Busy to Have Time for You

No matter how busy a company is, they should make time for you. With proper scheduling, they can still have time to listen to you or respond to your inquiries without undue delay. On the other hand, a painting company may cover up their ineptness by appearing too busy while in reality they are avoiding your hard questions.

Whichever the case, if they are too busy for you, avoid them and keep looking for one that is not. A painting contractor should make you feel as though you are the only client that matters to them.