6 Frequently Made DIY Locksmith Mistakes

Safety is a vital factor to consider when moving into a new house.

Since it’s difficult to tell who the previous tenant shared keys with, rekeying and replacing your door locks is important. Such a decision protects your house from a potential break-in. Most people prefer replacing and rekeying their house door locks themselves. It looks cheaper and easy, but it can cost you dearly if you don’t do it right. Below are six DIY locksmith mistakes most people make:

1. Purchasing a Cheap Doorknob

That inexpensive doorknob you want to buy could be your undoing. When it comes to doorknobs, you get your money’s worth. A cheap doorknob could expose your house to intruders since it is most likely easy to pick. Before buying a doorknob, make sure it meets the minimum requirements. For instance, any doorknob with a grade of less than two could compromise the security of your home. In case an intruder decides to break into your house, the quality of your doorknob could be the only thing keeping them out. Don’t compromise your security by purchasing a cheap doorknob.

2. Failing to Match the Lock to Your Door

Different types of timber respond differently to the elements. They can shrink or swell depending on the weather. A lock on an external door is exposed to extreme weather conditions, which could make it contract or expand and therefore prevent it from locking correctly. Door locks should match the door material used. For instance, door locks for fibreglass, steel, glass, and solid core are specific to each type of door.

3. Inadequate Doorknob Replacement

An incorrect replacement of a doorknob can result in the malfunctioning of a door. Correct installation of a new lock more often than not requires the service of a professional locksmith, not a DIY novice. To avoid damaging your new lock, get a professional locksmith to do the job for you.

4. Wrongly Drilling Saw Holes

When drilling saw holes, don’t start from the outside. The best method of drilling saw holes is to start from inside and work your way to the outside. You should stop drilling when the drill shows up on the other side since further drilling could destroy your doorframe.

5. Failing to Seek Professional Assistance

Even if you are a DIY fan, you still need the services of a professional locksmith to fix locks. When fixing locks, perfection is the key; and only a locksmith can guarantee this. Although you are good at fixing things, making sure locks are perfectly fixed is a task only professionals can guarantee. Besides knowing how to fix locks, you should also be able to select the best lock types for your door. Seek help from a professional locksmith to avoid compromising your household’s safety or damaging your doors.

6. Replacing Old Lock Pins with New Ones

When replacing old pins with new ones, you need to buy a new rekey kit, which must match your specific brand. It is a waste of money to buy a rekey kit that does not match your current brand. Do not be falsely lured by cheap prices, which may appear enticing but are incompatible with your doorknob brand.

Keeping your home safe is imperative. While it may be tempting to replace your doorknob or rekey the lock yourself, if you make a mistake, you might damage your lock and render it useless. This has the effect of compromising the security of your home. Rather than take the risk, avoid the above DIY locksmith mistakes. To be certain, leave the task of changing doorknobs and installing new locks to professional locksmiths with a reputation for providing credible services.