6 Limousine Passenger Tips You Need to Know

Riding in a limousine is portrayed as glamorous in movies and tv. This can be something to aspire to as you travel to your next event or function. While the point is to have fun riding around in a limousine, there are some very important rules that you need to know before you hop in the back of the limousine.

After all, you need to make sure that you are not making an embarrassing faux pas. This is something to be especially concerned about if the other passengers ride in limousines all the time.

So, if you want to know how to book and ride in a limousine like a pro, read on.

1. Get a headcount

We’re not talking about a rough headcount. This may be a luxurious way to get around but there are safety concerns. No matter how much you are willing to tip the driver he will simply not allow you to go over the maximum allowance. With a little planning ahead you can be sure that you will not exceed this. It is okay to be a person or two short.

2. How to enter the limousine

This is where you want to look your smoothest. The first thing that you should do is not try to open the door yourself. The driver will do this for you. If you reach for the handle you will show yourself to be a limousine amateur.

Here’s how you enter a limousine like a pro. Sit in the first empty seat that you see, and swing your legs in for a smooth entry. Once you’re seated, scoot along the row of seats until you’ve found the right spot. You don’t want to do an ugly, half bent over walk in the limousine to a seat. Be smooth and deliberate in your movements and make it seem like you are right at home.

3. Keep your cool

This isn’t a regular night. You want to be as classy as possible. This means as little drama as possible. We understand that the whole point of renting a limo for a night out often means that passengers will be partying and drinking. However, don’t be that too-intoxicated rider that gets into a fight inside the limo. The best way to be, is cool as a cucumber as you ride to and from your destination.

4. Know the rule before you get in

A lot of limousine services will not allow you to smoke inside the car. Some will, but this is rare. This goes for alcohol too. The last thing that you want to do is to find yourself in a situation where you will need to stop the party if you don’t want to. If you and your other passengers were planning to drink in the limousine then you need to get the okay before you even book. This will really kill the mood if you are unable to pop the champagne on your ride there.

5. Leave the limousine in good shape

This is just good manners, you don’t want to trash the limousine. Don’t leave empty bottles, cans, or wrappers. Don’t throw food or drink at your fellow passengers If you leave to much of a mess you might find that you are charged a cleaning fee.

6. Don’t forget to give the driver a tip

Tipping your limousine driver is not mandatory, but is just good manners. If you are pleased with how they have conducted themselves throughout the evening then you should tip accordingly.