7 Time Management Activities to Become More Efficient

Time management isn’t a topic you can afford to ignore, even if you aren’t working a full-time job. Making the most out of your time is a great way to relieve stress and prevent things from piling up. Check out these 7 different things you can try to maximize your time!

1. Understand What’s Important To You

Defining what’s important to you will help you push time-wasting tasks to the side. If you don’t have your priorities set, you’ll think you can do everything. You may even feel bad if you’re not able to attend certain events or take on new projects. However, once you define your priorities, you need to draw a line in the sand, especially if you have a family. You’ll only be able to get so much done in the day, so step one in managing your time better is understanding what tasks are most important to your life.

2. Look For Opportunities To Plan Ahead

Anytime you have a chance to plan ahead, take advantage. Diving head first into a busy workday with no plan or clear idea of what’s going on is a recipe for disaster. Try writing out what you have to do every night before you go to bed. If you’re a morning person, you can start your day by prioritizing your tasks. When you plan ahead on a regular basis, you’ll find it’s the most productive part of your day.

3. Track Your Output

Tracking what you get done a daily basis is a great way to give yourself a visual representation of your productivity. When you write down what you accomplished during the day, it’s easy to see if you’re lagging behind or if you’re on track. You can make yourself a custom timesheet tracker to track your progress on the different projects you have going on. It’s also a worth tracking how much time you spend exercising, watching Netflix and reading.

4. Schedule Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Without proper sleep and exercise, your body is going to break down. It takes a lot of energy on a daily basis to maintain a frantic schedule. Your mornings may be busy if you’re in a rush to get your kids to child care and arrive at work on time, but you can’t afford to neglect breakfast. Having a solid breakfast ensures you’re able to function at a high level throughout the day. Make sure you’re also creating time in your schedule to exercise.

5. Avoid Procrastination By Setting Deadlines

Deadlines can work to your advantage by putting in perspective how long it takes you to do something. Setting a deadline will help you challenge yourself to make small steps of progress every day instead of procrastinating and leaving everything for the last minute. Set your deadlines a few days before the real deadline, so you have time to double and triple check your work.

6. Develop Strategies For Dealing With Stress

Finding ways to manage your health is necessary for keeping your stress levels under control. If you’re not careful, your stress can start to impact your health. Find ways for you to delegate or automate certain parts of your projects. Make sure you find a healthy outlet that you enjoy such as playing a sport, creating something or writing for fun to relive your stress.

7. Do The Hard Things First

Starting your day with the hard tasks isn’t pleasant, but it changes the tone for your day. Start by identifying the most important tasks that will influence your success. Once you find these tasks make sure they’re getting done first thing in the morning.