5 Common Printing Mistakes Made By Companies

Designing and managing a large company’s printing system can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Without adequate planning, consideration, research, and organization, things can easily get out of hand quickly.

To optimize your business printing features and keep your printing processes under control, avoid the following five mistakes:

Failing to take advantage of managed print solutions

When you take advantage of managed print solutions, you can have professionals who specialize in arranging business printers and creating office wide print solutions look at your unique needs and resources. They will then find you the best solutions regarding a printer for small business and how you can network your computers with your printer resources for the best results.

Managed print solutions are the best way to be sure that your print solutions are as efficient, effective, and productive as possible.

Failing to put enough consideration into printer equipment location

When you’re laying out workspaces, locate your printer in an area that maximizes accessibility and convenience. Put adequate time into considering the layout of your office space and analyzing the flow of foot traffic around interiors.

Not taking advantage of MFD printer models

Whether you’re dealing with a colour laser printer, office photocopiers, or any other type of printing equipment, you need to multi-function equipment whenever possible. The MFD or multi-function printer is a great solution when you’re looking to simplify things at your office as much as possible. A lot of times, you can take care of the functions of diverse pieces of equipment in one pieces of equipment when you choose a MFD printer model. This can be not only more simple, but also more affordable for your company.

Not giving every department a fair say in print environment decisions

For most business, every department needs to use office printers as part of handling everyday office tasks. This means that representatives from every department should be heard when it comes to making decisions about your printing processes and printing equipment available to your office staff. Don’t just let your IT department or some technical departments make all of the decisions, because one department can easily overlook the needs and requirements of another department.

Not having any dedicated print support staff

Regardless of the size of your company, it’s probably a good idea to have dedicated print support staff available to you so that you know what to do if you find yourself dealing with huge printing problems. In any case, you need to have some sort of resource at your office facility that is dedicate to printing issues and always available when their is a problem. There are additional resources at hubTGI, which may help you learn more information.