7 Safety Tips for Your Custom Mascots

Having a custom mascot for your organization is both fun and rewarding. However, it might be tragic if the right measures are not put into consideration. Performers are at risk of various issues such as heat exhaustion and injuries. However, if you follow basic safety precautions, such problems can be evaded easily; thus allowing your performer to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the costume.

Choose the right costume

You need to think critically about the features of your custom mascots before making an order. Avoid too much material, long tails and any other feature that could hinder the movement and flexibility of your performer. Also, do not include hanging pieces within the costume as they might cause fall injuries.

Avoid overheating

Having features such as cooling vest and fans inside the costumes will help the user stay cool, provided the equipment does not add excessive weight to the body suit. Also, the performers ought to wear light clothing. Try a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and a bandana to maintain the hair in position. Heavy clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, trousers, and sweatpants will make the user uncomfortable.

Practice before performance

Before using the costume in public, the performer should practice difficult movements such as using the stairs. Rehearsing such movements will help in identifying the hurdles and finding solutions before the actual performance. Also, rehearse signals that the performer can use to alert those around in case of discomfort.

Perform with an escort

With everything in place, it is time to get out there and give an outstanding performance. As you do so, request to have an escort move with you. The vision and mobility of a person in mascot are significantly limited. Therefore, simple activities such as crossing the road and walking up the stairs are potentially dangerous. An escort will help the performer navigate otherwise dangerous routes and protecting the mascot customes from extremely enthusiastic fans.

Take breaks

The performer should not stay for more than an hour before taking a break of about 15 minutes. The time should even be less for those performing in hot climates. Remember to drink lots of water during the performance so as to stay hydrated.

How to select the best performer for your mascot


The person should have a personality that can match that of your mascot. Considering that a mascot has a fixed facial expression, the performer ought to exaggerate his emotions using body movements. When interviewing the artists, you can ask them to put on the mascot and express a certain emotion. More resources are available at Hogtown Mascots Inc. if you would like to learn more.

Performing skills

Mascots are supposed to entertain their audience. Therefore, the performer should have the necessary performing skills. For instance, a mascot for a sporting event needs to be able to animate the players. The mascot performer needs to remain in character and maintain a high stamina throughout the event.