A Guide to Courier Services in Canada

Courier services and parcel delivery industry has grown immensely in the past decade with people and business owners enjoying the services from the comfort of their offices or homes. The use of technology in the industry has now transformed what used to be tedious and time-consuming service into one of the fastest and easiest ways of parcel delivery. The services now range from the domestic deliveries to international shipping in and out of the country. The delivery costs vary from one company to another depending on the urgency, size, and the weight of the parcel.

Various Services

The courier service providers will deliver your parcel to and from the county, city, or country of your choice. There are renowned multinationals in Canada that specialize in the small business shipping for anyone who wants items out of Canada. Some of the different delivery services that you should seek out include:

• Same day services – it is one of the expensive options due to the speed of delivery required. It involves the collection of the parcel on the same day of receiving the order.

• Overnight service- it is ideal if you want the package to arrive at a specified destination in the next morning. The service may not be available for the international routes located far away from Canada.

International services- this involves transport of goods across two countries either by shipping, flight, or other transport means.

• Pallet service– this service allows easy delivery of services under strictly defined times at a very affordable rate. The courier delivers the items in pallets.

Standard service– it is the least expensive method that involves the collection of small and medium packages and delivering them to a particular point.

Advantage of this type of delivery

Small business shipping may consume a lot of the business owner’s time but it gets easier with the help of a courier. The ability of a business owner to track their package has increased the loyalty levels among the courier services users. The deliveryman ensures that the person indicated on the package receives it, so you do not have to worry about the safety of the parcel. If you are interested in learning more, visit Flagship Courier Solutions.


The delivery service company ensures that the client receives their product in good condition. This has made it popular in delivery of fragile items. Remember that most companies have restrictions on the size of the parcel with most of them giving preference to the small and medium sized ones. Therefore, you should consider courier services that meets your shipping requirements and urgent deliveries.